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There is one rarely known bet that occurs in every game of roulette. It always appears between 25 and 35 spins and consists of a bet on 18 numbers.
It usually wins within 5 spins so some capital required should you need to increase your stake.
This bet is included in my PC program Roulette Key Gold and I have created this app on request of my subscribers.
It opens in its own window and can be run alongside any online roulette game.
Pereferably Live but can work on RNG Random Number Generated(as long as you don't play for too long!)

£ To use it simply key in the numbers as they appear in roulette, then when a unique set of 18 numbers has 'slept' you are advised to bet.
Below is a recording I made at Ladbrokes online casino, in this recording you will see that I deposit, win and withdraw.

If you lose the stake is doubled so you do need some capital. I would suggest the minimum bet increased by a factor of 270.
So for 50p stakes you should allow £135.00
Then when you win you will win £9.00 ! As I say it usually wins within 5 spins but it may not !
I have heard of rare instances when it may lose seven times.
I realise you may not wish to risk £135.00 just to see if it works, but there are alternatives if you play for penny stakes your total risk will be just £2.70!

A penny roulette wheel at William Hill


Don't be daft this is a game of chance ! This is not for Widows & orpans!
But as I said previously this bet usually wins within 5 spins, but I have heard of it going up to 7 so I can't make any guarantee other than that "The longer you play the more likely you are to lose!
Believe it or not this is the most honest guarantee in this business !

So do not gamble with more than you can afford to lose.

So How does it Work?
To put it simply we wait for 18 numbers to 'miss' (not come up) in over 20 spins. If you wait for the usual even chance bets Red/Black,Odd/Even,High/Low to miss over 20 spins you'll have to wait years.
The trick is not to rely on the 'normal' even chance bets but to let the wheel decide! In every game of roulette there are 18 numbers that miss more than any other 18 numbers typically around 23 times.
So assume 18 numbers sleep for 23 spins and the program/app suggests a bet (a common scenario.)
The combined probability 18 numbers sleeping 23 times is one in fifteen million seven hundred fifty-three thousand three hundred seventeen ! (15753317.87 )
For this your first bet to lose The combined probability is one in thirty-two million three hundred eighty-one thousand eight hundred and twenty !(32381820)
For it to lose seven times The combined probability is one in two billion four hundred forty-two million seven hundred thirty-six thousand two hundred and three (2442736203)

For would be mathematicians this program/app is relying on the law of large numbers and if two billion four hundred forty-two million seven hundred thirty-six thousand two hundred and three isn't a large number I don't know what is !

The Price

The price for the Android App is £2.39
The price for RKG Lite (The Windows app) is also £2.39

Click here to Buy the Android App from the Google Play Store with immediate delivery.

Click the Button Below for the Windows version with immediate delivery.