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If betting on Even chances I strongly recommend you bet on French Tables rather than European or American

Unlike other vendors I'm not going to make any promises the fact is the longer you play the more likely you are to lose. But if you approach the game systematically you will usually find yourself winning often early on, have you the presence of mind to quit while ahead ? Few of us have !
Also beware of being over confident, if you win a few hundred units early on, don't get carried away, withdraw most of your winnings and start again another day.

My last word of warning for now is Don't accept free bonuses . However tempting these bonuses may appear the fact is if you accept one there will be a lot of small print which will in effect prevent you from withdrawing your winnings.
If your system or my programming can cope I've linked each system to a video demo, I also have numerous videos on YouTube.

The first few systems are from the book "The Winning Rules". I've added others such as sleepers and finals as they are popular and it wasn't too difficult to add them to RKG.

System on 24 Numbers

IV - The Prudential System
  • Play on French or No-Zero tables
  • Stake 2 units on high
  • Stake 1 unit on numbers 7-12 or any other 6 on the low side of the table
  • Target 10 units
  • Never play for more than 100 spins
  • If zero appears half your stake on high is returned
  • If you lose carry on the next day without changing settings
  • No progression is necessary, for higher winnings use higher stakes. In RKG click button IV or IVb the six can be dragged to your preferred position

    The Prudential Bet in Roulette Key Gold

    You may play this in reverse i.e 2 units on Low and 1 unit on any 6 numbers on the high side
    Sometimes you will win your 10 pieces very slowly sometimes quickly, you may like to use it when high or low is overdue and you are alerted. Automatic alerts will appear if the hints button is turned on (is green).

    In a quick demo of this system at William Hill The numbers 21,34 & 12 appeared immediately. I won 5.00, of course I could have lost and carried on for 100 spins but 5 units in 3 spins is a good gain so I stopped, see video.

    Neighbours Bets


    In the book The Winning Rules one technique involves betting on the 12 numbers surrounding the zero, or the 12 numbers opposite or in fact any part of the table.
    This simple technique has been programmed into Roulette Key Gold on buttons XVII/b/c and should any of these dozens miss 9 spins (or however many you wish) you will be alerted as to which section of the wheel has missed and is therefore worth a bet.

    You could memorise these 3 sequences of numbers but RKG will memorise all 37!

    That was ok before computers it's not too difficult to memorise 12 numbers on the wheel and bet on them when you think fit. But as there are 37 numbers on the wheel there are therefore 37 neighbouring dozens, I therefore decided to program RKG to identify the last remaining neighbouring dozen.

    In the following example the numbers 27,9,12,34,7,28,24,1 & 27 have appeared leaving a third of the wheel unhit as highlighted below.

    The unhit third of the wheel that slept for 9 spins

    The 12 unhit numbers as autmatically identified by RKG

    VII - A Safe System for Beginners


    By betting 1 unit each on odd, red and the first dozen you will win break even or lose a little. It may seem boring if playing for 1 stakes but if you increase your stake you will win more. Stop when you have won 5 units or 10 if feeling lucky.
    This works because there are ten numbers even and black
    2,4,6,8,10,20,22,24,26& 28
    and ten which are red and odd
    ,3,5,7,9,19,21,23,25 & 27

    So if you bet on red and odd the only numbers you can lose on are even and black four of which are in the first dozen. So by betting on the first dozen as well there are only four numbers 22,24,26 & 28 on which you can lose.

    Stop when you have won 5 or 10 units. Should you be unlucky stop when you've recovered your losses.

    Too slow ? Increase your stake ! Stop when ahead

    Playing For a Run on Even Chances

    See Chapter V in The Winning Rules


    Many beginners make the mistake of doubling up when they lose on even chances. For example they bet 1 unit on red, black turns up they bet 2 units if they win they receive 4 units and have lost 3.
    If they lose again they bet 4,8 16 and so on. Some published systems advise waiting for a chance to miss 7 times eg wait for black to miss 7 times then bet, if it misses double up. I advise you to forget these systems if you see such a progression ignore it. I recently saw a 111 page book which in essence boiled down to this.

    So instead of doubling when you lose why not double when you win and revert to one unit when you lose?
    This way its impossible to lose more than one unit a spin.

    RKG helps you to follow any even chance this way, either opposing or following the bank. If capital permits you can do all 6 in which case it's known as 'The Infallible System'. An example we decide to oppose the bank on even odds, in RKG we click the appropriate button (see video) The first number up is 11 odd we now bet 1 unit on even it wins 2 units with even 24, we bet these 2 units on odd and win 4 units on odd 3, we bet these 4 units on even and win 8 units on even 32, we bet these 8 units on odd and win 16 on odd 3, we bet these 16 units on even and win 32 units on even 24.
    So after a run of 5 wins we are up 32 units the worst thing that could of happened is that if every bet lost we could have lost 5 units!
    Almost every time one plays roulette one sees a run of even chances. If you both oppose and follow the bank (with or without a partner) you will capture such runs. In the book the target is set at 128, personally I use 32 or 64. On reaching the target revert the stake to 2 units.

    In this example from the video number 11 odd was last up (1) We elect to oppose the bank by clicking Odd/Even (2)button under oppose bank selections, and we are advised to bet 1 unit on Even (3)



    Although this system isn't in the book The Winning Rules,I came across it in the book Roulette for The Millions. And because it wasn't too difficult to add to RKG I decided to include it as an automatic alert.

    A final is a one or two digit number ending in 0-6. I've adapted RKG to tell you when there is only 1 final remaining. In the video example it is number 6.I therefore bet on all numbers ending in 6 so I bet on 6,16,26 & 26. Its comparatively rare for such a final to sleep more than 28 times. Although a record of 96 times has been recorded but I doubt this was when only 1 final remained.

    If you have watched the last video towards the end of I was distracted when I was alerted to a finals opportunity. The video linked to this section shows what happened next.



    Many people like to play sleepers. As every number should on average appear once every 37 spins they wait for at least 74 spins or 11 or 148 or 185) then bet on any unhit numbers depending on how many there are. It would be foolish to just bet on one. RKG will alert you after 74 spins at to which numbers have slept. One of these will usually be hit within a few spins, though it would be unwise to follow a progression.

    Sleeper alerts are usually set round multiples of 37