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Links to videos on this site

  1. The Prudential System Button IV in RKG
  2. A System by the author (Sperienza) Button IX in RKG

    As above but I was lucky in that and won in one spin this takes 40 spins
    A System by the author (Sperienza) Button IX in RKG

  3. System Of Playing On The Six 19-24 and on the Last Dozen, or on the Six 13-18 And the First Dozen Button XIII in RKG
  4. The Paterson System Button XVI in RKG
    I've recorded this demo using the same numbers that appeared in the previous video . I'm able to do this by clicking the replay button. In it I win more and sooner than the Sperienza system.

  5. Neighbours Buttons XVIIa,b,c in RKG
  6. A Safe System for Beginners Button VII in RKG
  7. Opposing The Bank
    Follow Oppose Bank Button(s) in RKG This demo video continues with the next demo on Finals

  8. Finals (Continuation of previous video) Automatic alerts in RKG
  9. The Ex-Croupiers System Button X in RKG
  10. Sleepers Automatic alerts in RKG

    Links to YouTube videos

  11. The Rational System Button VIII in RKG
  12. Playing Neighbour bets on French Roulette at William Hill - Cash Play Automatic alerts in RKG
  13. William Hill Live Casino Cash Play Low 50/10p stakes
  14. Roulette Key Gold v Roulette Reaper
  15. Capitalist Roulette System played at William Hill Button VIII in RKG